Back to my homeland (Twenthe)

The last time I went back was 2 years ago, give or take a few months. This time was mostly to visit my 2 of the 3 still living aunts and the last uncle.

One aunt moved recently to a nursing home, since she is starting to lose track of the present. It was the 2nd moving in 3-4 years and she recently lost her husband, so it is a bit much for her. As always it is nice to see the family again and especially to visit my homeland again. You get the feelings of nostalgia and a feeling of coming home.

Just a note I did not make these photos, but they do give a beautiful impression of the nature of the land.

The forests and the quiet countryside. It reminds me of dauwtrappen with friends, when I was much younger. Dauwtrappen is an activity where on ascensionday you go out early in the morning when the sun is only just up and you prepared food and drinks. Together with friends you go walk into the nature and mostly you are away the whole day.

You spend the whole day walking through forests, small towns and take in the view, nature and how peaceful everything is.

I am sure other country sides have similar nice views, but those are not my homeland.

It is like the definition of patriotism, the feeling that one piece of soil is better than any soil anywhere else for not better reason than that you were born there.

There is even some wild life.